How can you tell that an engineer has completed the adequate level of training for the job at hand? Or that a child development associate is adhering to the standards of their profession?

The answer: via certification and licensing that Sathor College makes possible for many individuals.


Sathor's Continuing Education Units (CEUs) offer a foundation for global licensing, and certification programs; these enhance safety, quality, professionalism and efficiency across every sector of the economy. We are approved by the American Association of Career and Technical Studies (AACTS).

Through CEUs, agencies, organizations, professional associations and others are able to enforce and monitor the standards which assist them in meeting regulatory mandates more effectively; as well as earn the trust of those they serve. All Authorized Providers deliver and develop their programs in accordance with the AACTS Standard for Continuing Education and Training.


Indownloaddustries From education to health care to construction and engineering, Sathor's CEUs play a multifaceted and critical role. At the individual level, the CEU is a necessary tool for professional development and certification or recertification. At the level of industry, licensing and certification programs that utilize CEUs assist industries in strengthening their credibility, institutionalizing their best practices and cultivating the next generation of practitioners.

Our CE modules combine examples, reading and review questions to achieve good educational outcomes. Our courses are authored by highly-experienced practitioners in their fields to meet the expectations of high quality and convenience for students. We also take input from our students and healthcare professionals to develop each new course; we are well aware that your schedule is demanding and your time is valuable.

Our goal is providing timely, relevant and accessible CE courses in formats and mediums that compliment each student's personal and professional life.

New technologies, like the Internet, help each professional with maintaining licensure no matter where they are or their time commitments. Because of its 24 hour a day availability, it is perfect to meet the needs of today’s busy healthcare professionals.

ICE advisers are leading educators and field professionals with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Each unit is authored by prominent instructors in the field; this helps you to develop professional skills with current and authoritative information.

The high level of education provided, along with the flexible delivery method, cannot be attained in traditional programs. In fact, evidence suggests virtual learners retain knowledge better than those students who opt for traditional classes. Certainly, most distance learning students are more mature and motivated than is average.

Each module is created with highly practical applications in mind. We believe that most of the skills and knowledge you will gain can be immediately put to use on the job.

"Learn it tonight - use it tomorrow!"

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