Network System Design

The Network System Design course provides students with an understanding of computer networks, how they operate, and a basic understanding of how to maintain and manage computer networks. The skills will enable students to design, troubleshoot and configure networks of all sizes.

Students learn the fundamentals of network design, including how to identify network requirements and determine the right network architecture. They are instructed on network model requirements, and introduced to local area networks. Students also learn about Internet Protocol and the basics of network routing of data. Students are introduced to network security issues and wide area networks. Moreover, students learn about network management, including troubleshooting and monitoring. Finally, students learn about network operating systems and their role in facilitating communications and connecting computers.


  • Identify requirements for successfully supporting network applications, devices and users.
  • Understand computer networks and their functions, and how to analyze technical and business goals of a network to meet customer needs effectively.
  • They will also understand network topology and architecture, services and protocols of wide and local area networks.
  • Identify operation and principles of equipment such as circuits and wire, and standards like TCP/IP, open system interconnection and high-speed networking.
  • Show knowledge in data protection and security requirements on a network, along with the role of security tools including firewalls, routers and virtual private networks.
  • Understand network operating systems and have the ability to support computer networks.

Topics in this course require that students familiarize themselves with computer hardware basics (laptop and desktop), along with operating systems for desktops. Students who are not familiar with these subjects are recommended, although not required, to be introduced to computer hardware and workstation or desktop operating systems before beginning this course. This includes the examination of hardware devices including hard drives, motherboards and processing chips, and the exploration of functions and features of a workstation operating system.


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  • Course Overview
  • Customer Needs and Goals
  • Project: Designing a Business Network
  • Network Design: Network Infrastructure
  • Network Design: Physical and Functional Network Requirements
  • Project: Office Planning
  • Quiz 1: Network Requirements
  • Network Architecture Components – Physical and Functional
  • Project: Connecting Physical to Function
  • Logical Network Design – Addressing and Routing Protocols
  • Project: Exploring Higher Math
  • Network Architectural Models – Topologies and Classifications
  • Quiz 2: Network Architecture
  • Project: Special Project
  • Unit 1 Test
  • Course Project Part 1: Physical and Functional
  • Requirements of a Network
  • Glossary and Credits

  • Physical Layer: Transmission Media, Properties, and Components
  • Project: The Physical Layer
  • Fundamentals of Electrical Circuits: Signaling and Circuit Configuration
  • Network Security at the Physical Layer
  • Project: Under Attack
  • Quiz 1: Physical Layer Networking Concepts
  • The Data-Link Layer
  • Components of the Data-link Layer
  • Project: FAQ: A Data-Link Sublayer
  • Data-link Layer Devices
  • Project: Video: Data-Link Hardware
  • Quiz 2: Data Link Layer Networking Concepts
  • Project: Special Project
  • Unit 2 Test
  • Course Project Part 2: Physical Standards
  • Glossary and Credits

  • LAN Fundamentals
  • Project: Proposal: Classroom LAN
  • Ethernet LANs
  • Wireless LANs
  • Project: Video: Value of Hotspots
  • Quiz 1: LAN Components and Technologies
  • Network Addressing
  • Project: Table: IP Addresses
  • Network Routing and Protocols
  • Transport Layer Protocols
  • Project: Slide Show: Sending/Receiving a Communication
  • Quiz 2: Network, Transport, and Application Layers
  • Project: Special Project
  • Unit 3 Test
  • Course Project Part 3: Internet Connection
  • Glossary and Credits

  • WAN Fundamentals
  • Project: FAQ: WAN Connections
  • WAN Technologies and Protocols
  • WAN Transmission Media
  • Project: Slideshow: Fiber Optics
  • Quiz 1: Wide Area Networks
  • Authentication and Access Controls
  • Project: FAQ: Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Network Threats and Mitigation
  • Project: Policy: Password Policy
  • Physical and Hardware Security
  • Quiz 2: Network Security
  • Project: Special Project
  • Unit 4 Test
  • Course Project Part 4: Security
  • Glossary and Credits

  • Managing and Monitoring the Network
  • Project: Slide Show: Management
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Project: FAQ: Utilities
  • Software and Hardware Troubleshooting Tools
  • Quiz 1: Network Management and Troubleshooting
  • The Server in a Network
  • Project: Diagram: Web Email Service
  • Networking with Windows
  • The Linux Operating System
  • Project: Report: Network Wish List
  • Quiz 2: Network Operating Systems
  • Project: Special Project
  • Unit 5 Test
  • Course Project Part 5: Servers and Operating System
  • Glossary and Credits

  • Course Project Part 6: Slide show: Introducing Your Network
  • Review
  • Exam


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