Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Certificate

Geographic information systems (GIS) are relatively new but widely available pieces of technology that are used by most corporations, government and nonprofit entities. This program enables you to understand, interpret and question data, which is given in the form of globes, maps, charts and reports. You will also learn to integrate this data with images of the Earth to solve geographic issues. More information is available at


We recommend that you complete the courses in the order shown below. However, the order you complete the required courses is only restricted by prerequisite requirements.

Compulsory Courses (eight):

  • COMP 9335 Microsoft Access – Specialist (online)
  • COMP 9403 Microsoft Access – Expert (online)
  • COMP 9518 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (online)
  • COMP 9520 Designing/Implementing/Managing a GIS (online)
  • COMP 9519 GIS – ArcView (online)
  • COMP 9516 Global Positioning Systems (GPS) (online)
  • SCI 9012 Remote Sensing (online)
  • COMP 9540 Internet Mapping (online)

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