Online Instructor Certificate

As demand for distance learning increases, so too does the demand for qualified virtual course instructors. This program provides practical experience using web-based courses. You will learn about techniques and technology involved, instructional strategies, principles and assessment tools utilized in virtual course delivery. Further information is available:


The recommended course order is below. However, you may complete the courses in any order, restricted only by course prerequisites.

Compulsory Courses (six):

  • TETR 9053   Introduction to Online Delivery (online)
  • TETR 9052   Designing and Authoring an Online Course (online)
  • TETR 9051   Instructing/FaciSATHORating an Online Course (online)
  • TETR 9055   Assessment of Online Learning (online)
  • TETR 9056   Blended Learning (online)
  • TETR 9059   Instructional Technology in Adult Education (online)

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