Certificate in Business and Tourism

The Hospitality Management program at SATHOR delivers a wide range of short and longer term diploma and certificate alternatives. It is globally acknowledged to meet or exceed professional business guidelines. Each course and program included in this curriculum has been created to provide students a real competitive advantage necessary for preparation to work within a global economy.

System Benefits

  • Hands-on education
  • International Hospitality Management attention
  • Campus-based training restaurant facility
  • Well-educated staff with relevant expertise
  • Globally accepted certificates indicate a high degree of learning
  • Add priceless knowledge that mirrors up-to-date trends and practices in the hospitality industry

Career Opportunities

The hospitality field is a fast growing area that includes food services, hotel, event management, tourism, even resort and club direction. Employment possibilities and salaries are increasing steadily in all areas of this service-oriented industry. Students gain knowledge and the needed skills that industry pros deem vital for success. Completing the SATHOR ospitality program will typically help students obtain employment at skilled entry level, and then progress upward to management positions.


This program gives a broad overview of social media and explores trends, tools and development of this phenomenon that is helping organizations connect and engage with their audience.  Students are fully immersed in a variety of social media services and platforms, and will learn how to integrate social media tools. Additionally, students learn about the impact and wider  significance of emerging social media tools upon the marketplace and organizations.

Career Opportunities

  • Web
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations Managers
  • Marketing


Deeply rewarding experiences can come from a career in caring for other people. This area of interest offers career building and developmental opportunities that can be useful to do some truly valuable work. Building a career which supports those in need is possible with a community services certificate, and you can give clients still more with dental skills enhancement, or focus on health with training in wellness. You can improve a medical office by earning a certificate in health services or rediscover a love of nursing with our bridging and pathway specializations.


By gaining exposure to a wide range of management practices and theories, this program will prepare students for management and leadership roles in business. Gaining certification from a high-quality and independent school legitimizes knowledge and validates transferable abilities, which is crucial for job-changers, especially across industries. This certificate has been designed to help:

  • students seeking professional designation from an institute
  • university, association or alumni that want to add management responsibility to their portfolios
  • candidates seeking career change, including both university and non-university backgrounds

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