Event Planning

Welcome to Planning Meetings and Special Events. Being a planner for meetings and special events is an important role that is both rewarding and demanding. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected that this profession will grow by 43.7% between 2010 – 2020. Its not all parties and fun however. In 2012, CareerCast ranked event planners as having the 6th most stressful job, with soldiers and firefighters holding the top two positions. This is because a meeting coordinator is responsible for every detail of the event. Planners need to know how to communicate, have empathy and think of their customers. It is vital to remember that in certain instances, the event will be a once-in-a-lifetime occasion; therefore it’s important to get it right. Being a planner for meetings and events can be an interesting career, one that you are guaranteed will never be boring.


  • Recognize the skills required to work in this industry.
  • Develop generic skills that may be used in multiple positions.
  • Learn acronyms of the meetings and planning special events industry.
  • Understand the great importance of accepting responsibility.
  • Consider opportunities for pursuing a career in this field.

This course commences with a historical overview and proceeds in equipping students with the perspectives and skills they require to plan special events and meetings. All resources and materials are available online. The only prerequisites are the ability to think, question and write. Take advantage of every opportunity to carry out hands-on meeting planning and put some of the information you learn into practice.

(click on the module heading to reveal a lesson by lesson breakdown)


  • Course Overview
  • The Evolution of the Meetings and Special Events Industry
  • Project: Communication through the Ages
  • Types of Meetings
  • Project: Researching the CVB
  • Learning the Lingo
  • Quiz 1: Getting Started
  • Preparing to be the Perfect Planner
  • Project: Research Planner Credentials
  • Working With A Special Events Committee and Understanding Fundraising
  • Project: Interview a Committee Member
  • Supervising, Networking and Designing Work Schedules
  • Project: Supervision Research
  • Quiz 2: Committees, Supervising and Schedules
  • Special Project
  • Test
  • Course Project—Part 1: The Theme
  • Glossary and Credits

  • Working Definitions and Overviews
  • Laying the Foundation
  • Project: Using SMART
  • Networking, Associations and Tools of the Trade
  • Project: Identifying Your Own Network Exercise
  • Quiz 1: Planning Stage One – Working Through the Theory
  • Budgets
  • Project: Tracking Your Money
  • More on Budgets
  • Other Miscellaneous Budgeting Issues
  • Project: Researching a Bank Account
  • Quiz 2: Planning Stage Two – It All Comes Back to the Budget
  • Special Project
  • Test
  • Course Project—Part 2: The Budget
  • Glossary and Credits

  • Becoming Seamless
  • Project: Reconstructing a Checklist
  • Sites and Selection
  • Project: Organizing a Site Meeting
  • Mapping the Space
  • Quiz 1: Becoming Seamless
  • Getting Into the Field
  • Project: Making Your Own Business Card
  • Working with Suppliers
  • Get it on Paper
  • Project: Interviewing Vendors
  • Quiz 2: Getting Things Lined Up
  • Special Project
  • Test
  • Course Project—Part 3: The Venue
  • Glossary and Credits

  • Get the Right Caterers
  • Project: A Catered Affair
  • Everything you want to know about F&B set ups
  • Project: A Be-Creative Assignment
  • From Pipe and Drape to Double-checking AV Equipment
  • Quiz 1: F&B
  • Meet the Media
  • Project: Writing a News Release
  • The Internet, Social Media, SEO and LinkedIn
  • Project: Setting Up a Networking Account
  • The Technology Revolution
  • Quiz 2: Advertising
  • Special Project
  • Test
  • Course Project—Part 4: The Goodies
  • Glossary and Credits

  • Transportation
  • Project: Booking Airline Tickets
  • Monitoring
  • Project: Monitoring Employees
  • International Considerations
  • Quiz 1: Details, details, details
  • Masala Tips and Ideas
  • Project: Reflecting on Your Learning
  • Evaluations for Meetings and Special Events
  • Project: Evaluating A Special Event Project
  • Reflecting and Projecting
  • Quiz 2: Wrapping it Up
  • Special Project
  • Test
  • Course Project—Part 5: Final Details
  • Glossary and Credits

  • Course Project—Part 6: The Big Presentation
  • Review
  • Exam


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