Security and Protective Services

Security is vital for the stability and safety of life in the US and many other countries. The security and protective services industry features professionals and companies that offer the legal, strategic and managerial skills and knowledge necessary to protect people and property.

The aim of this course is to offer an overview of the security and protective services industry. Students will understand the various security services types, and how they relate to each other. They will also grasp the difference between the criminal justice system within the private and the public security sector. The course commence with an introduction to private security history, with subsequent units that focus on a specific sector. The final unit will focus on emerging challenges that 21st century security services face, including international terrorism. Moreover, the course will offer information on many different careers available to students interested in protective services and security.


  • Understand the industry of security services and the methodologies, practices and regulations applied, along with the available technologies.
  • Recognize the varying regulations and laws that affect the field of security.
  • Understand the policies used in maintaining productive and safe work environments, and the importance of technology as part of the overall security process.
  • Construct ideas to overcome issues and challenges relating to security services and identify different career paths relating to the protective services and security industry.
  • Analyze the process of using intelligence in security and crime prevention, and the security enterprise evolution in the US and worldwide.
  • Apply analytical methods for gathering information and intelligence for security practices that are sustainable.
  • Develop critical thinking and communication skills necessary to address complex security problems with multiple perspectives and vested interests.

For this course’s topics, students should be familiar with general security services concepts, and the basics of carrying out website research.

Students who are not familiar with these subjects should familiarize themselves with online resources for concepts of security and protective services by visiting sites such as and These sites offer an introduction to important issues in the protective services and security field.


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  • Course Overview
  • History of Private Security
  • Career Paths in Private Security
  • Project: Careers Slide Show
  • State Regulations Overview
  • Project: Security Video
  • Quiz: History and Career Paths
  • Constitutional Law and Private Security
  • State Regulation and the Private Security Field
  • Project: Diagram the Process of a Landmark Court Case
  • Legal Responsibilities in the Private Security Field
  • Project: Design a Private Security Services Video Game
  • Quiz: Constitutional and Legal Aspects of Private Security
  • Project: Special Project
  • Test
  • Course Project Part 1: Building Security and Emergency Evacuation Plan
  • Glossary and Credits

  • Daily Security Activities and Patrol Duties
  • Project: Crisis Intervention Skills
  • Personal Security Operations
  • Loss Prevention
  • Project: Cybercrime
  • Quiz: Security Services and Loss Prevention
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Private Investigators
  • Tools and Techniques for Private Investigations
  • Project: Skip Trace Investigator Report
  • Corporate Espionage
  • Project: Preventing Corporate Espionage
  • Quiz: Private Investigation and Corporate Espionage
  • Project: Special Project
  • Test
  • Course Project Part 2: IT Security Plan
  • Glossary and Credits

  • Understanding the Fundamentals of Communications
  • Project: Interviewing Skills
  • Gathering Information for Reports
  • Report Writing
  • Project: DAR and Summary Report
  • Quiz: Interpersonal Communication and Report Writing
  • Conducting the Interview
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Project: Take a Witness Statement
  • Conducting Interrogations
  • Project: Profiling a Great Interrogator
  • Quiz: Interviews and Interrogations
  • Project: Special Project
  • Test
  • Course Project Part 3: Integrating the Security Systems for a Comprehensive Approach
  • Glossary and Credits

  • Good Management and Leadership Practices
  • Project: Management Case Study
  • Conducting Risk Analysis
  • Project: Produce a Risk Analysis
  • Risk Management
  • Quiz: Security Management
  • Security Operations
  • Basic First-Aid Practices
  • Project: CPR
  • Conducting Evacuations and Responding to Threats
  • Project: Physical Security Plan
  • Quiz: Incident Response
  • Project: Special Project
  • Test
  • Course Project Part 4: Testing Parts of the Proposed Plan
  • Glossary and Credits

  • Identifying Terrorist Organizations
  • Preventing and Responding to Acts of Terrorism
  • Project: Write an Evacuation Plan
  • Responding to Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Project: Responding to a WMD
  • Quiz: Combating Terrorism
  • Understanding IT Security
  • Understanding Technological Warfare
  • Project: Major Security Breach Case Study
  • How Technology Supplements Private Security
  • Project: Design a Surveillance System
  • Quiz: Technology and the Private Security Field
  • Project: Special Project
  • Test
  • Course Project Part 5: Identifying Resources
  • Glossary and Credits

  • Course Project Part 6: Finalize Your Proposal
  • Review
  • Exam


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