Certificate in Adult Training and Instruction

This program gives you knowledge and skills needed to teach adult learners or facilitate their learning in a range of capacities. The course content is valuable for a broad range of people, from teachers in formal classrooms to those who train employees, teach general interest courses or facilitate seminars. Information is available here:  online_learning@sathor.com.


The below course order is recommended, but you may complete the courses differently, restricted only by prerequisites.

Compulsory Courses (five):

  • TETR 9064   Adult Learning (online)
  • TETR 9067   Adults with Learning DisabiSATHORies (online)
  • TETR 9060   Curriculum Development (online)
  • TETR 9063   Instructional Techniques (online)
  • TETR 9062   Assessment and Evaluation (online)

Elective Courses (choose one):

  • TETR 9059   Instructional Technology in Adult Education (online)
  • TETR 9061   Managing a Diverse Learning Environment (online)
  • TETR 9058   Performance Consulting (online)

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