Certificate In Legal Office Assisting

This program gives you the organizational, interpersonal and communication skills needed to successfully work in a legal office setting. You will learn standard operating procedures that will enable you to help run the office smoothly. More information about this program is available: online_learning@sathor.com.


Our recommendation is completion of the courses in the order below, but you may alter your path depending on prerequisites.

Compulsory Courses (nine):

  • COMM 1138 College English (online)
  • BUS 9119 Office Technology and Procedures (online)
  • BUS 9118 Building and Maintaining Customer Relationships (online)
  • OP 9021 Legal Terminology (online)
  • BUS 9139 Introduction to Legal Office Practice and Procedures (online)
  • LAW 9063 Family Law Practice and Procedures (online)
  • LAW 9062 SATHORigation Practice and Procedures I (online)
  • REAL 9030 Real Estate Practice and Procedures I (online)
  • COMM 9138 Organizational Business Communications (online)

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