PLC Technician Certificate


Programmable Logic Controls are industrial automation tools that require technically trained individuals who can build, program, service, integrate, operate and maintain them. This program will give you the needed skills to work with industrial electrical control systems, perform tests and design ladder logic programs. You will practice simulation of the operation of components including motors, solenoid valves and a broad range of other analog input and output devices. This program helps to fill the needs of employers that need highly skilled technicians and students that need high-quality, accredited training at an affordable cost. More info is available by contacting 416-415-4726 or, or the certificate program website.


Fees for this program are $70 per module and $370 for the CD which has all the required course material and software included. International students pay the same fees, with posted exchange rates in effect at the time of enrolment used for calculations. There is no refund available for the course materials and CD. Tutorial assistance is available at 1-866-279-1457 Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 10 pm.


This program is preparation for you to work in a rapidly expanding field. Industrial automation and controls is an area that is seeing rapid growth and this program readies you to be part of it. PLC Techs repair and install electronic equipment, including input and output networks, speed drives, data highways and process control equipment. They also write PLC software programs for a wide range of automated control systems, from simple on and off controls to robotic systems. PLC technicians are employed in industrial engineering, where they typically are involved in the implementation and design of PLC systems.


A secondary school diploma is required, or an approved equivalent or mature student status.


  • Pentium computer or later model
  • CR drive and sound card
  • 32 MB of RAM minimum
  • 100 MB disk space
  • Windows NT/2000/XP/ME/Vista/7
  • Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, or other MAP-compliant application
  • Internet access


You will complete each of the modules (including labs, review exercises and exams) from your home computer, using the interactive learning system. The package gives you a CD with the 19 different modules included, which are delivered via text, audio and animation. This program offers the latest technology PLC simulation and the best-selling PLC books in history. Exams are taken using computerized testing, and the PLC simulation software converts your home PC into a virtual PLC for running, verifying and debugging ladder logic programs based on the Allen-Bradley Urologist format. This allows you to get acquainted with the features of Allen-Bradley PLCs, like counters, timers, sequencers and math functions. There is continuous intake for this program, so you may enrol anytime and finish each module at your own pace. Average study time isĀ  32 weeks, but there are no time limits. We do recommend that you complete the sections in the below order.

Compulsory Courses (Nineteen):

  • ELNC 9071 Overview of PLCs
  • ELNC 9072 Central Processing Unit
  • ELNC 9073 I/O System
  • ELNC 9074 Programming Terminals and Peripherals
  • ELNC 9075 Installation and Maintenance of PLCs
  • ELNC 9076 Relay Logic
  • ELNC 9077 Ladder Logic
  • ELNC 9078 Timers
  • ELNC 9079 Counters
  • ELNC 9080 MCR, JUMP and FORCE Instructions
  • ELNC 9081 Sequencers
  • ELNC 9082 Data Transfer
  • ELNC 9083 Math Functions
  • ELNC 9084 Process Control
  • ELNC 9085 Data Communications
  • ELNC 9086 Number Systems and Codes
  • ELNC 9087 Digital Logic
  • ELNC 9093 Advanced Programming Languages
  • ELNC 9092 Robotics

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