Programs offered

Today, our world is one that competes globally, with new products and services being created and developed at breakneck speeds. In a world like this, highly-skilled and flexible technology engineers are perfect for many career opportunities available.3899dfe821816fbcb3db3e3b23f81585_m

Our Electronics Engineering Technology degree at the School of Engineering blends engineering theory and analysis with design and core business skills so that graduates are prepared to design and implement electronics-based systems and other products. Specific courses include signal processing, computer-based circuit design and simulation, communications (analog, digital, data communications, high-frequency, microwave), probability and statistics, microcontrollers, embedded wireless systems, networking and control systems. Many of these courses include practical lab work that allows students to apply their knowledge immediately.

Completion of the Bachelor of Technology (Electronics Engineering Technology) program, will enable graduates to:

Design and create systems for commercial and industrial buildings and residential homes and buildings that comply with relevant building codes and regulations.
Use C++ while drawing from a solid foundation of math, science and computer science fundamentals.
Suggest, design and implement scalable networking components.
Be competent with tools and principles of project management.
Skillfully write business documents to inform and persuade, inclusive of investigative reports and formal proposals.
Effectively communicate by oral and written means with customers, team members and prospective clients having diverse backgrounds.
Plan and execute career goals and advancement strategies. Each graduate will have a portfolio highlighting goals, achievements and professional development plans completed.
Understand fundamentals of legal and ethical issues as they apply to businesses in Canada.
Be aware of the political, social, environmental, economic and cultural effects of technology and how psychological principles are used to improve quality of life and predict human behaviour.


Columbia courses are available through The School of Continuing Eccb4e23c8aa216f1e96d31ab209c036b_mducation to a broad range of diverse people throughout the New York area, nationwide, and globally. Our students are serious, ambitious, motivated and academically high achievers who choose to wisely invest their time, money and energy in the best available personal and professional development courses.

Courses are offered in Arts and Sciences, Post-baccalaureate Studies for grad school or professional advancement, High School programs for enrichment and applied professional master's degrees.