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The programs we offer

Fundamentals of Computer Systems

This Computer Fundamentals course offers students an understanding of computers, how they operate and a basic understanding of how to maintain and manage computers and their systems. The skills gained will enable students to configure computers and solve computer problems. Students learn details on various elements of computers and computer systems. They learn to identify…
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Introduction to Information Technology

This course introduces students to the technical skills and knowledge base that will assist them in successfully competing for positions in the Information Technology Career Cluster. Lessons have been structured such that students are able to learn and then demonstrate not only analytic skills and critical assessment, but also interpersonal skills that are so highly…
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Engineering Technology

The Principles of Technology and Engineering course introduce the student to the engineering field and the technology types that may result from the engineering design process. Students also gain an understanding of the available career options in this field, and the education, experience and skills required to work in these careers. Students learn how to…
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Scientific Discovery and Development

This course teaches students about careers in laboratory science while simultaneously instructing them on major concepts in the biological sciences. The curriculum is quite comprehensive and is spread over five units: Unit One begins with a history of clinical laboratory science, which covers two lessons. These lessons lay the groundwork by explaining how clinical laboratories…
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